This describes how to create a thumbnailed picture gallery pages without having to
open and resize each picture.

Just put the images in diriectories and run the script.

Consider the software free to use, modify and distrubute. It come's with no warranty what so ever but the scripts not very big so an experienced perl programmer can quickley verify what the script do.
We would very much appriciate a link to our homepage
if You find it usefull.

There are lots of free software availible and this is yet another one.
The indended audience is users of Unix and Linix systems but is
is possible to set up on other operative systems like Windows since all
required software is availible and free to download.

Prereqesites :
You need the imagemagic library. This is included in some
Linux distrubutions like Mandriva.
To find out if You have imagemagic just open a shell and type:
convert -h
You can download imagemagic from

The main program is written in perl. Perl is also an open source product and available for download at :
You can find out if You have perl by typing:
perl -v

The script also call build-in shell commands like find and mv. If You use Windows consider installing cygwin.
There is also an windows application that is very usefull irfanview and is prefered  by those not familiar or those don't want to learn working with scripts.

You need our thumbnail script wich You can download from here

Some characters like ' and "  that mess up html-pages so if the pictures has those in the filenames we recomend renaming first. There is another script called that is also included in the zip-archive.

To unpack the files use command unzip or in Mandriva Linux use the ark program in menu Archiving. Any newer Windows like XP can unpack these files but for older versions the Winzip program can be used.

How to use it :
Organize You pictures in folders and subfolders and rename them if the filename contains some ugly characters. You could use the script but remember it renames all pictures in the current directory and directories below that.
Save the scripts to a directory in Your path or type the full path every time You run the script.
Open a shell and change directory to wherever You pictures are.

If You shell isn't configured to run perl You might have to type :
YOUR-path-to-perl/perl  YOUR-path-to-makethumbs/

This creates thumnails for every image and an indexfile ( index.html ) on every directory.