Wimc Logo

W I M C   is an acronym for where is my computer.

Today most computers connect to network with DHCP
( Dynamic Host Control Protocol )
that is the IP-adress is assigned to Your computer from a server.
Then You have to look it up with  programs like ipconfig, that is fine if You have
a keyboard and a montor attatched to Your computer but what if You don't ?
 I have lots of computers that I connect to with Telnet,VNC,ftp or just used
as webservers and there is no need to have a monitor connected to those.
And what if Your computer is stolen ? don't You want it to report where it is
when someone starts it ?

WIMC is a completley free service and You You can set it up in a few minutes.

First sign up for an account .

You don't have to fill in the email but if You do, we will only use it if You would
like to recover password or other help.

The ip field is used if You like to send another adress then the internet ip for instance
You local network adress.

'Visible without password'  Select 'No' if You like to keep this private. Select 'Yes' if
You want to share it with friends ( They can look up Your adress with just the user name )
Choose 'Yes and listed in directory ' If You want to be listed on our homepage.

To make a update of Your new ip-adress You could use a bookmark like this

Thats all thats needed but what if You like it to update during computer power on as You need
to do with a computer without a keyboard/mouse.

Put it in a script to update when Your computer is started, on UNIX/LINUX system its done
in the directory /etc/rc.d/rc.local
write a shell command with wget or lynx to fetch the url above.

If You use Linux and want the local adress to be visable You could use this script . But You have to run it as root and remember to change the url to match Your username and password.
I You use it on Windows XP just download the script  lntest.vbs and put it on Your drive for
instance c:\wimc\lntest.vbs

Edit the file and fill in the username and password

Edit the register ( Run 'regedit' )
Add a key with value c:\wimc\lntest.vbs  ( or whereever You saved the script ) to
HKEY  LOCALMACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Current version -run .
If You start "msconfig" You should find this value on Autostart and can turn it
off and on there.
This script migth bee blocked of firewall / antivirus software so You have to allow it to connect to internet for the update to work.

If You have any questions or comments feel free to contact me
Please write in english or swedish.